to share an absence

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Date: 19. December 2011    Theme: Love & Longing
can't help but wonder how often you wrote about her, talked about her, thought about her. she was gone for so long and you spent so many hours being miserable over her all-too-present absence and yet it seemed like you never shared any of that with anyone. it's hard not to wonder.
she's back now and you share a lot more, too much, to be honest. it's weird and kind of sad and sometimes it seems like you just put life on pause until she returned, like your story was just a movie that you were watching together and she had to run to the store, so you paused it and waited on the couch rather than doing something productive.
not judging, really, just. it doesn't make sense, to be honest.
she never seemed to love you that much. it seems like she missed you a lot, now that she's back, but why'd she go in the first place? where? you never shared. you never shared anything about it.
you smile more with her around. can't help thinking that before she left, you didn't smile much at all.
maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder...
Date: 19. December 2011
Category & Theme: Shorts > Love & Longing
Tags: distance
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